Rhapis excelsa

10 inch
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Rhapis excelsa

10 inch

Rhapis are commonly called Lady Palms and are a slow growing houseplant capable of living in a low light interior environment. The Rhapis has proven itself for many years as a great indoor plant. Farm Life grows the Rhapis in 10 to 17 inch pots ranging from around 3 feet to 7 feet.

+ Rhapis Excelsa Care

The meters below indicate a range of light and tolerance to drought. The ranges are indicated by the little light bulbs and the small water drops.

Light Instructions

Light Instructions Graphic
This palm is another low light champion. Too much sun and the Rhapis will burn or be a pale green color.

Water Instructions

Water Instructions Graphic
The Rhapis palm does not require much water. Interveinal chlorosis of the newest growth indicates over watering. Water sparingly and watch for signs of droop to indicate drought conditions.
Rhapis excelsa

Rhapis excelsa

10 inch

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Rhapis excelsa


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