Philodendron Green 'Congo'

10 inch
14 inch
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Philodendron Green 'Congo'

10 inch 14 inch

Giant emerald green leaves are the selling point for this great philo. Also, this one will grow big. We produce the Green Congo in a 10 inch pot at around 36 inches as well as a massive 46 inch tall specimen in a 14 inch pot.

+ Philodendron 'Green Congo' Care

The meters below indicate a range of light and tolerance to drought. The ranges are indicated by the little light bulbs and the small water drops.

Light Instructions

Light Instructions Graphic
The philodendron can handle a wide range of interior and patio environments. It burns in full sun, and will develop large discolored areas on older foliage when not receiving enough light.

Water Instructions

Water Instructions Graphic
Not too sensitive to overwatering so you can keep these plants moist most of the time. Let them dry periodically for good root health and to make sure they are not near saturation.
Philodendron Green 'Congo'

Philodendron Green 'Congo'

10 inch
14 inch

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Philodendron Green 'Congo'


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