Aspidistra elatior

10 inch
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Aspidistra elatior

10 inch

The Cast Iron plant has no problem living up to its name. Low light? bring it on. No water? no problem. The worst thing you can do is take care of this tropical plant too much. Farm Life offers this indoor plant with a height of about 3 feet in a 10 in. pot.

+ Aspidistra Elatior Care

The meters below indicate a range of light and tolerance to drought. The ranges are indicated by the little light bulbs and the small water drops.

Light Instructions

Light Instructions Graphic
The Aspidistra does well in all light levels except full sun. Try this plant in the darkest interior space that you have. If it can't handle it buy silks.

Water Instructions

Water Instructions Graphic
The Aspidistra is a good example of a plant that requires dry periods. Too much water, and this plant will have problems.
Aspidistra elatior

Aspidistra elatior

10 inch
  • Spider mites are the number one interior problem to watch for.
  • Scale can be a problem on Aspidistra 
  • Mealybugs, aphids and thrips are not a problem for Aspidistra

Mites should be primarily controlled with predator mites.  Neoseiulus californicus,(Spical, Spical Plus, Californiline) and Phytoseiulus persimilis,(Spidex, Bio Persimilis, Phytoline) are two excellent choices for spider mite control.  If a mite infestation is exceptionally bad, prior to the release of predator mites, spray the plant with water or horticultural oil.  Both will provide some knockdown control of spider mites and will not leave a toxic residue that may effect predator mites.  Miticides registered for interior use and compatible with predator mites include Sultan, Shuttle O and Floramite SC.  

Scale can be removed with a systemic insecticide drench and hand cleaning.   Snow scale, if present, will infest the stems of the Aspidistra leaves as well as the underside of the leaves.  If pesticides are not an option, try horticultural oil directly sprayed onto the insects.  A second and third treatment, if using oils,  will be necessary.  Space out the sprays at 3 week intervals to break up the scale life cycle.  

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