Epipremnum aureaus 'Golden Pothos'

8 inch Hanging Basket
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Epipremnum aureaus 'Golden Pothos'

8 inch Hanging Basket

This speckled classic is golden. Very easy to care for with bright yellow accents on beautiful green cascading foliage. Farm Life offers the Pothos in an 8 inch hanging basket pot.

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The meters below indicate a range of light and tolerance to drought. The ranges are indicated by the little light bulbs and the small water drops.

Light Instructions

Pothos do well in a variety of light levels. Try a low light interior space or a bright corner of the patio. Avoid full sun for too long to get the best look.

Water Instructions

Keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Short dry periods are okay. Watch for older leaves to turn yellow when the plant has been dry for too long.
Epipremnum aureaus 'Golden Pothos'

Epipremnum aureaus 'Golden Pothos'

8 inch Hanging Basket

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