Dieffenbachia 'Panther' 10"

Requirements and Care: 

Dieffenbachia 'Panther':

Dieffenbachia Panther is an excellent Medium to Medium-High light plant that has a slow growth rate and a unique look. The random white spots over the leaf pattern give the appearance of dappled sunlight reaching the plants through an overstory of larger trees. This plant has no special nutrient requirement s or water requirements. The panther will top out at about 40 inches. Dieffenbachias suffer from easily broken (bent midrib) leaves so handle with care.

  • Pot Size: 10" / 3 gallon
  • Light Requirements: Lower-High light or brighter. Some shade is required.
  • Water Requirement: Normal, water as needed. The plant does not use much water, so less water is better than too much.
  • Special Nutrient Requirements: Apply dolomite at 1 teaspoon per gallon of pot size two times per year to supply Calcium , magnesium and to buffer the pH of the soil. Use a low dose of a 2:1:2 ratio fertilizer that contains minor nutrients and macro nutrients.
  • Insects and Mites: Very few insects have been observed on the Panther. Mites could be a problem, but to a lesser degree than on the Sterling. Use predator mites or sprays for Two Spotted Spider Mites and sprays only for Red Mites. Mealy bugs can be removed by hand and / or with a drench of Safari.